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Of course we make beautiful collectibles and kushukuku also exists to uphold our 3-prong mission. We seek to:

1. Economically empower women

  • In traditional African tribal culture, women often feel the burdens of poverty most acutely. Over 90% of women in our partner groups have not received any formal education. While men make an income from land lease payments from conservation, the sale of livestock and formal employment in tourism, women remain financially dependent on the men in the household. By paying women fair wage, they are better equipped to lift their families out of poverty.                                

2. Educate Girls

  • Often Maasai fathers will pay school fees for their sons, but if the girls are to go to school it is the responsibility of their mothers to raise the money for them. This is the number one priority for 35% of the women engaged in our partner coop. kushukuru is committed to contributing 10% of our profits to provide scholarships to girls in elementary and secondary school.

3. Reduce Human-Wildlife Conflict

  • Whether its women gathering firewood or young children walking to school, the reality is, living in wildlife rich areas is a significant cause of human-wildlife conflicts. These conflicts frequently result in retaliatory killings. When paid a fair wage, women can afford things like refillable gas canisters and rainwater harvesting tanks which alleviate the need for gathering firewood and sourcing water. Access to solar power enables women to purchase strobe technology which deters animals like lions from hunting livestock.